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Let’s go to a Cheetah Centre, the Magaliesberg Mountains, an African Arts & Craft market, and an African Cultural Village!

R 3 220,00 per person

Min 2 guests


Let’s go to……

  1. a Cheetah Centre,
  2. the top of the Magaliesberg Mountain,
  3. an African Arts & Craft market,
  4. and an African Cultural Village – a must see!


We depart at 06:45 for the North West Province, location of amongst others, the Cheetah Centre, nestled at the foothills of the Magaliesberg Mountains a few kilometers north of the Hartbeespoort dam where we are to experience an awesome site guided Cheetah program commencing at 08:00. Watching a cheetah run and being close up, even touching a cheetah is not an everyday occurrence!

The cheetah is the fastest land animal, reaching speeds of up to 120km/h (74mph).

One stride covers from 6 – 9 meters (19 – 29ft). It can cover 28m (91ft) in one second.

The scientific name for cheetah is Acinonyx jubatusAcinonyx meaning ‘non-moving claws’ referring to the non retractable claws and jubatus, which means maned, referring to the mantle on a young cheetahs back.

An exhilarating tour discovering the cheetah, their behavior and survival.


More is to be seen at the Cheetah Centre…….

African Wild Dog, now on the Endangered list.

Caracal, a formidable hunter.

Various African wild game in addition to Cheetah can be seen from a guided Safari vehicle while

on tour at the Cheetah Centre.


Following on the program at the Cheetah Centre, we head for Harties Cableway!

En route to Harties Cableway we cross over the Magaliesberg Mountain. Awesome African scenery en route and to the top of the Magaliesberg Mountain awaits. Indulge in the surrounding beauty of the Hartbeespoort Dam area while enjoying a delightful light lunch at one of the restaurants on top of the Magaliesberg Mountain.


An African arts and Craft Market of delight is up next!

Browse the vast number of items on display and negotiate a best price at leisure. Enjoy an optional coffee,

tea or beverage and a snack of choice available from a variety of restaurants at the African arts and Craft Market.


With African Arts & Craft shopping bags filled to the brim, we head for an African Cultural Village, our final destination on today’s tour.

A vibrant African tribal culture awaits.

Experience African tribal dances and cuisine at its best!

Traditional homesteads of the Zulu, Xhosa, Pedi, Basotho and Ndebele tribes are explored.

The Village offers a fantastic African Tribal Experience – a Pan-African Feast!

A leisurely departure for the African Cultural Village at 15:45 should allow us sufficient time to arrive at

around 16:15 on time for the program commencing at 16:30

Buffet dinner at the Village:

A delightful traditional South African buffet with a variety of meat such as beef, lamb, chicken,

boerewors, ostrich and crocodile with pap, rice, vegetables, salads and dessert is served completing the program at the African Cultural Village.

Return to Pretoria:

We head for Pretoria soon after dinner to arrive home at around 19:30/20:00


An awesome day in the North West Province awaits!


Departure: 06:45

Return:       19:30/20:00 (7:30pm/8:00pm)


Included: Guided Transport

Program and entrance fees at the venues

Tea & Coffee at the Cheetah centre

Buffet dinner including 1st beverage, tea

or coffee at the African Cultural Village


Optional: Light lunch


What to wear:

Winter: 0 to 20°C

Warmish dress code, early morning is cold – Jeans, warm jacket, sneakers, sun glasses, camera, hat

Summer: 15 – 45°C

Light dress code – Shorts, sneakers/sandals, sun glasses, camera, hat, sun screen lotion


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