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Sunday late afternoon out here in the Kruger National Park.

A beautiful sunset….. a family of vervet monkeys enjoying the last of day before heading up the trees to settle in for the night. Hippo’s readying to leave the safety of their watery den, an evening out grazing on grasses close by awaits! So tranquil….

African Tracks Safaris

A Gem tucked away in KwaZulu-Natal!

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Exquisite, beautifully tucked away with unsurpassed sea views. Right here on tour in KwaZulu-Natal!



Our annual exclusive getaway workshop in full swing!

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Attending our annual exclusive getaways workshop in Centurion (Pretoria) today. Fantastic offerings and lovely getaway venues are being introduced to be added to our portfolio of destination offerings. The Greater Kruger National Park, secluded Kwazulu Natal lodges beautifully tucked away with unsurpassed tropical sea views and Limpopo province offerings are tops! Their accommodation, the scenery, cuisine…. Just awesome!


Huge Praying Mantis

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Whooo hoo….. As we came around a bend on the road this afternoon, there it was! A Huge Praying Mantis, Scientific name: Mantodea) about 200 mm from head to tail!!

Been looking for one for quite some time. Leapt off the vehicle and hit the dirt, a dusty affair! Got to get a picture! What a beauty! When threatened, the mantis stands tall and spread their forelegs which make them seem larger and more threatening. Lovely!

February in South Africa!

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It must be February in South Africa…. the Safari from Johannesburg, the ambiance, the smells, the sounds. Beautiful African sun, softly settling in for the night. A Black-backed Jackal’s call in a distance, camp fires being lit. Exquisite!

Day Trip from Johannesburg